About Vita 71


Improving Wellness

The seed for Vita 71 was sown in our founder's work with elite tennis players. Using award-winning physiological analysis and advanced heartbeat technology he was able to accurately monitor activity and recovery, resulting in the avoidance of injury and the improvement of performance. As a coach, he believed this technology was a ‘game changer’ in terms of maximizing the potential of athletes.

As part of his efforts to stay healthy and well for his role, as well as attempting to keep pace with his athletes, he started to monitor his own physiological responses to stress, activity and recovery. In spite of not being an elite athlete he was amazed by how the data he collected, analyzed and interpreted was able to empower him in making decisions that improved his own health and wellness.

Despite a job that involved extended periods of travel, living in hotels and limited choice over meals he was able to improve his lifestyle and wellbeing through informed, scientific decision making.

From this discovery and experiences came a desire to help others achieve a positive change in their lifestyle. Vita 71 is the vehicle for this purpose, on a journey to improve wellness.